Sapphire Embossing Cones

Regular price $80.00

These styli are meant for embossing on Polycarbonate or Petg plastic. 

They are available in long or short shanks. 

Price includes shipping in the US.  For combined orders with other products, email lathecuts////aaaattt///yahoooooo///dawt///cawm.

Fidelity-wise, they are a very good mid-point between lo-fi tungsten and high fidelity diamond cutting styli.  They have much more clarity and high end and a very low noise floor when compared to tungsten styli, but they don't require heat or vacuum, and are less expensive for the hi-fi diamond styli. 

Your results will vary depending on equipment and experience, but we typically get at least 200-300 7" sides at least out of each one. Once the needle starts to get noisy after typical use, you can rotate the stylus in the head a couple times to get new, quiet faces. 

Our Needles can be resharpened for $35 each.  We may also be able sharpen your old, chipped sapphire cutting styli for $40 (must have decent stone left). Please contact lathecuts//at//yahoo//dawt///cawm for questions. 

Short Shanks for Grampian, Audax, Presto 5C, Mag, Fairchild, RCA, Olsen
Long Shanks for Presto 1c, 1d